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About Big Country USA

Big Country USA is a syndicated weekly 2-hour radio show. We're not a countdown show, but a music intensive magazine-style program featuring today's hottest country stars. Hosted by veteran country radio personality Tom McK, Big Country USA is a fun, fact-filled trip to Nashville, Tennessee where your listeners get an up-close and personal look into the lives of their favorite country artists with a front row seat into the world of Music City USA.

Your listeners can interact with us on our toll-free studio line, on facebook, twitter and on the main website at The show is available on a barter basis. However, there are no spots to run outside of the show and no affidavit sheets to deal with. You simply download the show and play it on the air. That's it! There's nothing more to it.

Big Country USA is a fast-paced, well produced show that will captivate your listeners, while opening the door for your station to generate sponsorship revenue. Call us today at (615) 420-7228 to find out how to get us on the air.

Big Country Christmas

Each year, we do our Big Country Christmas radio special where we talk to the stars bout their holiday traditions. Our listeners also share their memories and traditions. This program is available to your station even if you are not an affiliate. It is our Christmas gift to you. Big Country Christmas is a 2 hour show made up of 4 segments per hour, just like our normal weekly programs. If you would like to air this program, send an email to "" and we will send you a download link to the file. The file contains the 8 show segments as well as the music log. Big Country Christmas total run time is 95 minutes, leaving you with 12:30 each hour for local inventory placement.


Big Country USA was a concept that began to take shape at CRS 2012 at an acoustic performance in one of the suites at the Renaissance hotel in downtown Nashville. Tom McK and long time friend Rusty Walker were talking about the radio industry and the topic of syndicated radio came up. That was the very beginning of Big Country USA. It was the year that Rusty Walker was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, Rusty passed away less than a week later.

Show Demos

Listen to our demo here. We're sure you'll agree that we have the most fun of any other syndicated show on the air today. We would LOVE to bring the fun to your station!